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/Teamwork, sportsmanship and fun!

The Phoenix School Sports Program is deeply committed to the personal growth and achievement of our students. The Phoenix School works tirelessly to offer a wide variety of programs so that every student has the opportunity to participate. We are dedicated to the principles of teamwork, good sportsmanship and having fun.

Our philosophy
Developing an appreciation of being physically active as well as a strong sense of good sportsmanship and a familiarity of a variety of individual and team sports lies at the core of our program. In a safe, supportive environment we encourage students of all abilities to reach beyond their comfort zone and work to improve their skill level in each area. Regardless of ability, every student is welcome, respected, and accepted for his/her efforts.

In the fall we go often to the High Street Playground. Students in grades 2-7 play informal games of soccer, basketball, and 4 square while the PK-1s either join in or explore the playground equipment. Even though the play is informal, there is attention given to the rules of the game, good sportsmanship, being physically active, and how to be inclusive of different ages and abilities. We end each day with laps around the edge of the playground.

When appropriate, we go to Salem Common for a more formal soccer program.

In the winter we go to the Salem YMCA two days a week for a program planned for us by the Y staff. Depending on the age and developmental level of the students, each 45-minute sessions includes warm-up exercises and laps, games, and basic skills teaching in basketball, indoor soccer, etc.

In the spring we return to High St. playground and the Salem Common.

From November through April all students in grades PK-8 participate, gain comfort, and practice skills at the Salem YMCA once a week. Each swimmer has a thirty-minute lesson determined by skill level, ranging from first time swimmers to preparing kids for competitive swimming. Students of all ages and abilities also practice skills and gain endurance while swimming laps in the lap pools. In addition to laps and a lesson, older, more advanced swimmers may help practice skills with beginning swimmers as a big partner. Swimming encourages individual excellence and promotes health and fitness for life.