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Challenge Based Learning
/Learning through action

Project-Based Learning
Much of the students’ work, even day-to-day, is done in the context of multi-age teams. This provides abundant opportunities for all students to understand and practice leadership, teamwork, and respect for all ages, genders, and personalities. Students form groups every week to address assignments in subjects such as Spanish, Science, and Art, with members from K-2, 3-5, and 6-8, and everyone’s input is valued. Different groups are formed for longer assignments. One year groups worked on the interdisciplinary assignment to invent their own country, complete with geography, demographics, government, and political system. Another example is the annual Holiday Revels show, an original production which the school writes and stages: multi-age groups come up with ways to theatrically represent ideas around a theme such as the Harvest or the Environment. All students participate in developing the ideas, dialogue, costumes, and sets, as well as acting the show out for the Phoenix Community on stage.

Haunted Happenings
Every year at Halloween the Phoenix School hosts a children’s Halloween Party complete with a Haunted House and engaging carnival-style games designed, built, and operated by Phoenix students. The students in grades 3-5 work together to design the Haunted House, and the games are developed by teams of 6-8s. The project work is built into the curriculum: Math (measurement, scale, geometry, arithmetic), science (physics), and art. The students practice their leadership and teaming skills both while creating the house and games, and during the party as they host younger children in playing the games.