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Take a Leap!

Today we all became fearless flyers at The Fearless Flyers Academy. Of course not all of us climbed up the trapeze’s ladder, took the leap, and soared at first. Some of us threw caution to the wind while others took time and were more tentative. Every year Phoenix School 4th – 8th graders do some sort of challenge that pushes us to face our fear, climb a mountain, or try...

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It’s a New School Year…so…Jump Right In…Learn Something New

Squeak, squeak, squeak. That’s right, we Phoenix School 5th-8th graders were once again the test guinea pigs for yet another program. None of us had ever heard of the program nor knew how to use it, but it was just one of those things where you had to jump in and find out. Frames is a stop motion animation program where...

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Tinkering Comes Alive at Phoenix

Take it apart…put it together…make something entirely new…make something personal. That’s TINKERING. It’s all about imagination, process, and final products, each thoughtful and unique.
TINKERING makes us WONDER…I wonder how this works? I wonder what would happen if I did this? I wonder how I can make this work better?
TINKERING is thinking...

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A Handmade Gift Comes from the Heart

Arts Block, here we come: When we return from Thanksgiving Break each year, it is tradition that we begin our Arts Block. It is a time to explore multiple art media and learn new techniques as we turn our artwork into practical items to be used by people who are important to us. It is also a time to think of others–what can I give to someone I love...

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Our Journey Into a Sloth’s Slow Life.

Two cuddly creatures from The Franklin Park Zoo awaited the arrival of twenty-four curious Phoenix School kids. Their incredible long arms clung to the branch in their enclosure.

We were instantly excited because the two sloths showed off their speed bursts by sloth paced “sprinting” to the corner of their habitat. The range of motion in their...

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Dear President Zuma

We tried to make a difference in some small way, recognizing that if everyone did a little, a lot could happen. We wrote our letters to President Zuma and sent them to the organization, One More Generation. After much discussion, our EarlyAct Club voted to donate $175 to Rhino Alive foundation, from the money the club has raised for charitable giving.

Dear President...

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Penny Wars — Global Connections Make a Difference

The devastation in the Philippines caused by the typhoon was hard to comprehend, but when our global friends Donna Roman of Mill Creek School in Illinois and Lisa Parisi of the Denton Dynamos on Long Island, New York wanted to know if we would join in a project to collect coins over two weeks to send somewhere to help, there was a...

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Thoughts from a Phoenix Grad

My name is John Gagnon and this is my Phoenix School story. I graduated from Phoenix on June 14th, 2013 along with three other eighth graders. I never knew how much The Phoenix School had prepared me for high school until I became a freshman at St. John’s Prep. Being out in the real world and writing vignettes about our experiences prepared me for my 9th grade...

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Caine’s Arcade Arrives in Salem

Saturday, October 5th finally arrived. The weather was going to be cloudy with the chance of rain. No problem, we were going to celebrate the Global Cardboard Challenge in fine style regardless of the weather. Guess what? Instead of clouds the sun shone brightly throughout most of the event. The gods were pleased.

The level of excitement quickly grew...

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Phoenix Peace Cranes Wing their Way Across the Globe

International Peace Day — September 27th

Phoenix kids celebrated this event first by thinking of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes and then, thanks to the suggestion of our friend Karen Stadler in Cape Town, South Africa, by joining together with others as part of the Peace Crane Project that linked classes around the globe in...

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The Phoenix School’s Global Cardboard Challenge

Calling all engineers, inventors, and kids of all ages who love to invent and build.

On Saturday, October 5. over 100,000 kids in 42 countries around the world will be taking the Global Cardboard Challenge. An offshoot of a project by Caine Munroy, a young boy in LA with nothing to do one summer so he built a fantastic arcade completely...

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The Phoenix School EarlyAct Club 2013-14: The Candidates Speak

Each September Phoenix School students elect officers to lead their student run community service club, The EarlyAct Club, sponsored by The Rotary Club of Salem. During each year Phoenix kids raise money through various school and community projects, then decide which causes will receive the money they have raised. Phoenix...

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In honor of Remembrance Day on September 11, The Phoenix kids, all together, grades PK – 8, wrote a Peace Poem. We all contributed lines, then gathered together in a group and arranged our separate lines into one reflection about peace. Peace to us all.

We should love peace
Peace is about caring
Peace is love

Peace is
Love, hope, and friends
Holding hands
Peace holds us...

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Phoenix Kids Explore Marengo Cave

Marengo Cave, May 5-6, 2013

Phoenix kids donned helmets and headlamps for two days of underground adventure at Marengo Cave. Our first foray was a warm-up for more adventurous crawls to come. We began in Crystal Palace, the show cave, marveling at glistening columns, draperies, and cave bacon. Delicate formations were reflected in the pristine calm of...

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Caves of Indiana Travel Study Trip: Day 1

Saturday, May 4

Long before dawn, eleven sleepy, but excited kids gathered to bid their parents goodbye as they anticipated adventure in the caves of Indiana. The plan was to spend that night underground, with the bats and troglobites, those elusive blind cave fish and crayfish. After a seamless trip through security and early boarding, it soon...

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Phoenix Blog


By Olivia
Recent graduate of The Phoenix School

Back when small curled piggy tails protruded from my head and my wardrobe consisted of frilly pink dresses, I remember when my pre-school took our annual trip to Brooksby Farm. All of us tiny people were wrangled into a big yellow school bus and shipped away with a small snack of Saltine crackers.

This day in particular was the perfect fall day. The leaves burned yellow, orange, and red like a...

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Savlon Sounds

grade 8

Songs are like lives. They tell a unique story, each one its own, composed of low notes, high notes and sour notes. These bad notes simply represent bumps in the road, stage fright, self-doubt, but then again from all these experiences bad or good, can come a song.

Jeff Savlon is one of those people who can take his experiences and weave them into an inspiring song. Jeff has enjoyed music, especially Van Morrison, since he was a teenager. When he was 16,...

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Impressions: A visit by Salem Film Fest founder Joe Cultrera

By Jonah
Grade 8

This week, in light of the Salem Film Fest we had its founder, Joe Cultrera, come to our school. We interviewed him and asked him about the festival. He told us all about the documentary films that are at the festival and his experience as a filmmaker and editor. He even had us watch the previews of some of the films.

After hearing all of this I really wanted to go to the festival. It seemed to me that it...

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The Phoenix Caribbean Connection

The following is a new column, showcasing writing and artwork by the students at The Phoenix School in Salem. This week, students have made creations from a recent trip to St. John. What better way to learn geography, science, writing and culture than to visit a place.

The Swim By Daniel Grade 8
Fear, excitement, worry, and adrenaline all surge through my veins as I leap into the tepid, salty waters of Reef Bay. Following our hike is a boat ride and even...

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