Phoenix Teachers are facilitators. We believe in involving children in the direction of all projects to reach our goal of a truly immersive and personalized education for each child, while tucking in the skills necessary to lead productive, successful lives. Phoenix facilitators make it possible for students to find their most beautiful versions of themselves.

Leslie Levesque

Head of School

Leslie joined the Phoenix team over 20 years ago after completing a BA in Biochemistry, creativity in examining how children are unique learners, each having their own process and learning map. After a decade of working with students at TPS, acquiring a M.A.Ed in Creative Arts and Learning was the obvious choice. Through a multitude of classroom, project-based, administrative, and hands-on experiences Leslie has always been a firm believer that there is no single approach for all children and has striven to work with them as individuals to help them pursue and explore their interests and let their ideas to be the driving force of their educational experience.  Opening doors and creating pathways inspires kids to reach for the stars.

Outside of teaching, Leslie enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering for various Salem organizations, exploring the seashore, and digging in the dirt.

Mistral Dodson

Mistral joined TPS in September 2017. Coming with over a decade of teaching experience from classroom, to professional development, to outdoor education. Mistral has travelled to many places around the globe, exploring the oceans and participating in research projects from seagrass to marine turtles while completely her Bachelor of Science in Marine Science and Conservation Biology. Mistral is passionate about experiential learning experiences, where education can come in many forms of learning and often the best learning happens when outside the classroom. She is excited to be a part of a school that has been practising experience driven and student centered learning for over 3 decades, where innovation, discovery and student empowerment are key learning skills taught in the classroom. Where global education and technology programs are a normal part of our day. Where the extended Phoenix Family is your school and your school has no boundaries.

Mistral enjoys spending time with her kids, from being in the ocean, to camping in the mountains, to travelling and experiencing life to the fullest. As a new resident to the Salem area she is excited to explore and become more involved in the local culture, activities and experiences.