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Phoenix is a TK-8th grade school located near the heart of the vibrant city of Salem, MA. The world is our classroom. Learning happens everywhere: at school, at home, out in the world, near and far. At Phoenix, we spark the love of learning by fostering a mindset of curiosity and interest in an environment of exploration and questioning that weaves learning and life experiences together. A Phoenix education helps students develop self awareness and appreciate their roles in local and global communities. Phoenix kids know that learning is a lifelong process that happens everywhere they go.

The Phoenix School
28 Goodhue St
Salem, MA
Thursdays, 9:30 am – 11:00 am


One World Classroom

Connecting students in all grades with local and global partners in education and social change is an exciting and essential part of a Phoenix education. Only part of a Phoenix education takes place on school grounds. We are on the go to wherever there are interesting and useful bits of knowledge to add to our growing collection. We take some field trips by car, but we also take advantage of public transit and get around on our feet too. Our Upper School students experience one, farther afield, special Travel-Study Trip as part of their experience at Phoenix. The world is just as much a part of the Phoenix education as the school building and often has more to teach than can be learned by staying in one place.

Urban Campus

The Phoenix School is committed to being a school near the heart of the city, enabling us to use community resources and engage the students in global stewardship on a local scale. Phoenix kids are a staple part of the Salem scene, moving easily along its sidewalks to walk to the Common, the YMCA, the Peabody Essex Museum, City Hall, Hawthorne Hotel to attend Rotary meetings, and to participate in City events and celebrations. The Salem YMCA and local yoga studios are our places for mind-body wellness. The Peabody Essex Museum, Salem Maritime National Historic Site, Winter Island Park, and more, are our classrooms.

Giving Back – Local and Global Citizenship

Community service has always been an important part of the Phoenix experience. The school’s presence in Salem’s downtown area and its flexible curriculum have positioned the Phoenix to respond to many opportunities in support of the local community.


The Phoenix School revolutionized education almost forty years ago when we realized the prevalent teaching methodology was not working.What is our goal?It is to produce students who think critically, explore deeply, work collaboratively, contribute globally, become comfortable with and learn from failures, and celebrate their own and each other’s successes.How do we do this?We encourage and require that students have an active voice and integral role in their education, to be a part of an engaging classroom, rich with collaborations and communication, and to play an active role in the school, city, and global communities. #phoenixkidsgoplaces


Day 5: Biking Shark Valley Slough

Day 5: Biking Shark Valley Slough

LET THE ADVENTURE UNFOLD: Phoenix Kids Travel to Study Imagine herding cats at the bike livery in Shark Valley as we all searched for bikes that fit us best. Once paired with one that matched our size, we were off to learn the finer points of riding and stopping an...

Day 4: Canoeing on Buttonwood Canal

Day 4: Canoeing on Buttonwood Canal

LET THE ADVENTURE UNFOLD: Phoenix Kids Travel to Study Traveling to the southernmost tip of The Everglades brings us to Flamingo where we meet Ranger Chris for our next adventures. He shares information about the local inhabitants: manatees, ospreys, and crocodiles....

Day 3:  Slough Slog

Day 3:  Slough Slog

LET THE ADVENTURE UNFOLD: Phoenix Kids Travel to Study Elsie, our ranger naturalist begins our slough slog adventure by describing the flow of the River of Grass over time.  Without the shallow moving water, this unique environment would not exist. She provides us...