Enrichment Programs

Learning happens everywhere: at school, at home, out in the world, near and far. At Phoenix, we strive to provide enrichment programs that are engaging, spark the love of learning, foster a mindset of curiosity and interest, and provide an environment of exploring and questioning.

Our enrichment programs are open to all students, with programs ranging from pre-k to 8th grade. Each program will offer age appropriate curriculum and a variety of experiential and hands-on projects that spark creativity, ingenuity, problem solving, and real-world connections.

Phoenix also offers a Teen Leadership Program (TLC). Which is for young people who are excited to take the next step in leadership, mentoring, and teaching. Each TLC will assist our course teachers in the field or engineering/inventions, mentoring younger children, helping out with the activities for the day, supervising recess or play at the park. TLCs will be given special assignments by their directing teacher and be responsible for various odd jobs that make the course run smoothly. Interest in science, animals, inventing and building with art materials, and using technology (Mac based) to create presentations — a plus.

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