Summer Adventures

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!  Programs for children who are 6-10 years old and Teen Leadership opportunities for youth 11-14 years old.

2022 June and August programs descriptions below.

June & August Programs: $295 per week or $65 per day; $350 for ROV Construction program 

COVID-19 Information:  We plan to be able to run in-person programs again this summer.  Our COVID-19 mitigation strategies will continue to remain in place for all programs until deemed unnecessary by health officials.  Full details can be provided upon request and for all participants.   For any canceled programs due to COVID-19, a virtual option or a full refund option will be available.   


Morning Activities: Children will be involved in active exploration as they learn, invent and build, and/or use technology and art materials to design solutions to various problems.

Lunch and Recess: Children bring their own lunches and drinks for each course. We ask that you pack a nutritious lunch and save sweets and soda for home.

Afternoon Activities: Because of the rich content of our courses, activities will continue into the afternoon following a break for lunch/recess.  Swimming is an option at select locations when weather permits under the supervision of a certified lifeguard.

Extended Day: Extended Day Option from 3:00 to 5:00 pm is available for $15 per day. It will include a snack. Minimum 3 students; confirmation will be given at least 1 week prior to start date.

Locations: The Phoenix School, Winter Island, Forest River Park, and Salem State University’s Conservation Land and Salem Willows will be the locations for the programs this year. Not all locations are used each week; See weekly descriptions for locations.

Staff: Experienced Phoenix teachers, past and present, lead each Summer Adventure program; Full staff bios are below program descriptions.



Spies in the Wild 
June 20-24, 2022
8:30 am-3:00 pm (extended day option 3pm-5pm)
Ages 6 to 10 * $295 per week or $65 per day

Become a nature spy and look at the outdoors in a whole new way.  Use magnifying glasses and microscopes to discover special adaptations of tide pool creatures, investigate how animals use camouflage to stay hidden, design a hide for a camera to try to get closer to an animal, analyze animal tracks and make a cast for additional analysis, and collaborate in teams to make a creative spy training obstacle using PVC and other materials.  Days will be spent at the Salem Willows.  Weather permitting, swimming will be an option. Register online


Launch Zone
June 27 – July 1, 2022
8:30 am-3:00 pm (extended day option 3pm-5pm)
Ages 6 to 10 * $295 per week or $65 per day

Get ready for some high flying engineering!  See how far you can stretch your engineering skills as you learn about the laws of physics while working in teams to build a catapult, construct a model parachute for a mini-figure, create a stomp rocket, race a cardboard car, and launch a model sailboat on its maiden voyage to see if it can survive the ocean obstacles.  Days will be spent at the Salem Willows.  Weather permitting, swimming will be an option. Register online


World Engineers
August 22-26, 2022
8:30 am-3:00 pm (extended day option 3pm-5pm)
Ages 6 to 10 * $295 per week or $65 per day

Be inspired by engineering stories from kids from around the world and learn how their ideas helped change their communities.  Use their stories as inspiration to experiment, create, design, and build your own contraptions while applying what you learned from each story as you become a materials engineer to design a mortar mixture, a civil engineer to design a bridge, an agricultural engineer to design a pollinator, a green engineer to make a solar oven, and a bioengineer to experiment with membranes.  Days will be spent at the Salem Willows.  Weather permitting, swimming will be an option.  Register online


Prehistoric Paradise
August 29 – September 2, 2022
8:30 am-3:00 pm (extended day option 3pm-5pm)
Ages 6 to 10 * $295 per week or $65 per day

Bring the past to life as you explore the outdoor environment and envision what the world may have looked like millions of years ago.  Construct a time machine prototype to get you into the past, create your own dinosaur skeleton, dig up and identify real fossils of prehistoric invertebrates, make a stop motion video to bring prehistoric characters to life, search for real living fossils (horseshoe crabs), and compare the flora and fauna of today to what may have been in the past.  Days will be spent at the Salem Willows.  Weather permitting, swimming will be an option.  Register online


Teen Leadership Program
11 – 14 year-olds
Hours: 8:30 to 5:00
Fee: $125 per week
Offered both June and August (program not offered during ROV Construction – August 23-27)

The Teen Leadership Program is for young people who are too young to have a job, but are interested in spending a week assisting our course teachers in the field, mentoring younger children, helping out with the activities for the day, supervising recess or play at the park. Teen Leaders (TL) will be given special assignments by their directing teacher and be responsible for various odd jobs that make the course run smoothly. Interest in science, animals, inventing and building with art materials, and using technology (Mac based) to create presentations — a plus.

TLs should have had previous experience working successfully with younger children, be able to work as a member of a team and have a basic understanding of how children learn through active exploration. 1-2 applicants will be accepted for each course.

Along with their Registration Form, interested TL applicants should send a list of their experiences working with young children and a letter that explains their interest in the program. On your Registration Form rank the courses in order of preference and submit your application by June 1st. You will then be invited for an interview and further clarification of our expectations.

Accepted applicants will meet with the course teacher before each session begins. They will work closely with course teachers and be given feedback on their performance. A final evaluation will be written that may be used as a recommendation for future summer employment with young children.

Questions: Call The Phoenix School at 978-741-0870 or email [email protected]


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Staff Bios:

Mike Smith: Current Phoenix teacher, a past program director at New England Science & Sailing, a kayak guide in the San Juan Islands, a marine science naturalist on whale watching vessels in New Jersey, a sailing and science instructor aboard Tall Ships in California, and teaching math, reading, and writing in a K-3 school in Nicaragua. He is also a director of Common Tides, a non-profit that provides free marine science and sailing programs to children from underserved communities. Mike is a Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor, NAUI Rescue Diver, ACA Coastal Kayak Certified, NSSIA SUP/Surf Instructor and a USCG Master 100GT Captain.

Mistral Dodson: Joined The Phoenix School in September 2017. Coming with over a decade of teaching experience from classroom, to professional development, to outdoor education. Mistral has travelled to many places around the globe, exploring the oceans and participating in research projects from seagrass to marine turtles while completely her Bachelor of Science in Marine Science and Conservation Biology. Mistral is passionate about experiential learning experiences, where education can come in many forms of learning and often the best learning happens when outside the classroom. She is excited to be a part of a school that has been practicing experience driven and student centered learning for over 3 decades, where innovation, discovery and student empowerment are key learning skills taught in the classroom. Where global education and technology programs are a normal part of our day. Where the extended Phoenix Family is your school and your school has no boundaries. Mistral enjoys spending time with her kids, from being in the ocean, to camping in the mountains, to traveling and experiencing life to the fullest.