Financial Aid FAQs

A Phoenix education is a substantial investment in your child’s future, but financial need should not discourage you from applying for admissions. The Phoenix School provides a needs-based financial aid program in order to help make a Phoenix education a possibility for qualified applicants regardless of their families’ financial circumstances. Our goal is to enroll a student body that represents a cross section of the greater North Shore area. The Phoenix School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, or sexual orientation.

2016-17 Tuition

PK, K, 1st, and 2nd grades: $20,400
3rd and 4th grades: $20,500
5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades: $21,800

A completed financial aid application is required of all families requesting financial assistance. The Financial Aid Committee reviews each request individually, using the information received from FAST and other supporting information you have provided, and makes awards based on the financial aid budget set by the Board of Trustees. Admissions decisions are made separate from financial aid decisions.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

• Parent may request financial aid materials by checking the financial aid box on the admissions application or by contacting Phoenix directly.
• The Phoenix School must receive a completed financial aid application on or before February 15th.
• The Financial Aid Committee will review each request in late February and make its decision. You will be notified along with the admissions decision in early March or on a rolling basis if applying for admission in the current academic year.

Is my family eligible for financial aid?
Financial aid is monetary assistance provided by The Phoenix School to reduce educational costs to families based on financial need. Eligibility is based on many factors, so you should always investigate the possibility of receiving financial aid if you feel you cannot pay all the costs yourself. There is no specific income level at which a family is no longer eligible for aid.

What determines whether or not a student qualifies for financial aid?
All financial aid grants are based on financial need. Each request for aid is assessed individually. The Phoenix School uses FAST to process financial data. The need assessment is based on family income and expenses, assets and liabilities, family size, and the number of children attending tuition charging schools. Each year families qualify for more financial aid than is available.

What is FAST and what role does it play in determining a financial aid award?
The Phoenix School uses Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST). This service (FAST) computes the parents’ financial statement and recommends an appropriate tuition contribution from the family. The School determines eligibility for admission and re-enrollment without regard to a student’s application for financial aid. Confidentiality of financial aid applications, records, and decisions is assured.

What if we have not completed our tax return by the February 15th deadline? Will this delay a financial aid decision?
No, you should complete all of the required forms for FAST, and submit them by January 30th to ensure the school’s Feb.15th deadline for a complete application. The Financial Aid Committee will accept last year’s tax return as a basis, and the financial aid award will be contingent upon receiving a copy of your completed tax return for the current year.

How do I apply for financial aid if I am separated or divorced?
In the case of divorced or separated parents, both parents are expected to complete financial aid applications. The income and assets of both parents are taken into consideration. All individual financial information is held in the strictest confidence.

After receiving a financial aid grant, do we need to reapply each year?
Yes, because family finances can change, families must apply for financial aid each year. Unless there is a significant change in a family’s financial situation, the Financial Aid Committee strives to award a level similar to the previous year’s grant.

If we have not previously received financial aid, is it possible to receive aid in future years?
Phoenix is strongly committed to the continuation of its students’ enrollment. We recognize that a family’s financial circumstances may change over time. Any Phoenix family facing unexpected financial need is encouraged to engage in the financial aid process.

Does The Phoenix School offer merit scholarships?
All Phoenix students are admitted on merit. There are no financial rewards for merit.

Do financial aid grants cover the full cost of tuition?
No. The Financial Aid Committee makes the grant decisions for each family based on need. Each family contributes financially according to their ability to do so.

Does The Phoenix School offer a payment plan?
Yes. Families may opt to pay their tuition in 10 equal monthly installments (June-March), two payments (July and January), or 4 payments (June, September, December, and March). There is a non-refundable deposit due upon acceptance of the Reservation Agreement.

Where does financial aid funding come from?
In fact, all of Phoenix’s students are the beneficiaries of a form of financial assistance, as actual tuition does not cover the cost of educating a student each year. The school’s Annual Fund, parent fundraisers, and grant income all combine to make up the balance. The school’s operating budget provides 100% of the financial aid funding.