Investing in Your Child’s Future: The Phoenix School and the Value of Independent Private Schools for Elementary and Middle School Education

Investing in Your Child’s Future: The Phoenix School and the Value of Independent Private Schools for Elementary and Middle School Education

As parents, we all want our children to have the best education possible to prepare them for a successful future. One way to ensure this is by investing in an independent private school, like The Phoenix School. Our mission is to develop global citizens who are compassionate, creative, and technologically proficient individuals in a dynamic and interconnected world. Students, teachers, and parents of diverse backgrounds join together to integrate the knowledge, values, and leadership necessary for students to participate actively within their families and communities, now and into the future. In this blog, we will explore the value of investing in your child’s education during their elementary and middle school years through independent private schools, with a focus on The Phoenix School’s unique approach.

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The Value of Investing in Your Child’s Education

Elementary and middle school are crucial years in a child’s education, as they set the foundation for their future academic success. By investing in independent private schools like The Phoenix School, parents are giving their children the opportunity to receive an education that goes beyond traditional academics. Our mission is to develop global citizens who are compassionate, creative, and technologically proficient individuals in a dynamic and interconnected world, which is reflected in the school’s approach to education.

At The Phoenix School, students benefit from a personalized education experience that is tailored to their individual needs and interests. With small class sizes, students receive individual attention from teachers who are committed to their success. The school’s curriculum is designed to develop critical thinking skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities, as well as provide a strong academic foundation in core subjects such as math, science, language arts, and social studies.

The Importance of Developing Global Citizens

In today’s interconnected world, it is essential for students to develop a global perspective and an appreciation for diverse cultures. At The Phoenix School, students of diverse backgrounds come together to learn from each other and develop a sense of empathy and understanding for different perspectives. The school’s curriculum integrates global issues and encourages students to think critically about their role as global citizens.

The Value of a Compassionate and Creative Education

In addition to academic success, The Phoenix School places a strong emphasis on developing compassionate and creative individuals. Through community service projects and other extracurricular activities, students learn the value of giving back and making a positive impact in their communities. The school’s art program also fosters creativity and self-expression, which is essential for a well-rounded education.

Investing in Your Child’s Future with The Phoenix School

Investing in your child’s education is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. By choosing independent private schools like The Phoenix School, parents can give their children a strong foundation for their educational journey. With a focus on developing global citizens who are compassionate, creative, and technologically proficient individuals in a dynamic and interconnected world, The Phoenix School offers a unique approach to education that prepares students for success in all areas of their lives.

Goodbye St. John, Day 6 VI Travel Study Trip: 3/26

Goodbye St. John, Day 6 VI Travel Study Trip: 3/26

Our students reflect on their trip as they pack up and start to make their way home to Salem, Massachusetts.

AineWith my gaze trained on the night sky, my hair dripping with the salty sea water I’ve just been splashing around in, I mutter my thoughts aloud: I want to go home. St. John will forever stay in my mind as a cherished memory and the clear teal seas, spontaneous rainfalls, and an endless supply of sunshine will be missed, but not more than my own bed, my sketchbook, and especially my baby sister. So I will be taking in each view, appreciating every feature of St. John before leaving it behind until our next adventure.

AliceThe long travel day ahead leads me away from an astounding study trip that has been St. John. Snorkeling through the clearest mix of blue and teal water will turn into hats, gloves, and jacket-covered walks through Massachusetts. While I miss the comfort of my home, the views of the mountaintops covered in the brightest of green trees is an images forever imprinted in my mind that I am not ready to leave. Constant heat and swarming bugs may have been unhelpful additions, yet I am grateful for every challenge and adventure St. John threw my way. Goodbye St. John, you were the best final chapter of my Phoenix trips.

ArloI’m ready to get back to my comfortable house. One with a toilet, running water, and food whenever I want. I can’t wait it see my family and cat, to get back to my regular schedule. Ready for colder weather, that I’m used to, with pants and sweatshirts. Although I am dying to get back to Salem, I can’t help but feel slightly discouraged by having to leave. I’ll miss the snorkeling and the constant warm weather and being with my peers all day long. But at least I still have memories preserved in photos to look at and remember for years to come.

LiamIt feels like it was just yesterday that we were scouring the school for clues as to where we would go, and yet here we are now, on our last night of the trip.  I think about the memories I’ve made, of the cool breeze in my hair, the salty water on my tongue, and the warm sand between my toes.  So as I say goodbye to this slice of paradise, I know that even when I leave, St. John, St. John will never leave me.

FionaSalty diamond waves that occupy the bay breeze flow over emerald hills, the same breeze that has stuck with me since I stepped off the plane into the pure Caribbean sun. The introduction to snorkeling will forever stay in my mind – the fish, reef, and wildlife were eye widening the first time I glanced at them, and now that my last has been lived, I swear that the water running down my cheek is just the sapphire sea.

Karina DI feel the sun and wind kiss my cheek goodbye. Warm sand envelopes my feet in a hug. It is hard to let go of such a place. Thankfully I never will. Images of Sting Rays, Parrotfish and Blue Tang swim in my mind. Bright cyan water flashes in my eyes. These memories will keep me up at night, and most likely occupy me during the long plane ride ahead. When I arrive in Boston I will also let out a sigh of relief, for not all things in St. John will be missed. The once warm sand is no longer comforting me in my bed, rough sand and bigs seem to swarm me whenever I get comfortable. I’m looking forward to going to the landless, simple Massachusetts, but the hills of St, John will occupy my mind forever more.

Karina PZResting my head on my hand, I absorb all the breathtaking views as they speed past. This will be my last open-air taxi ride. Grabbing memories of St. John and replaying them in my head feels like it was just yesterday that I hopped off the ferry and marveled at the wonder that is St. John. I will miss the leafy green hills, the cerulean sea, and the colorful atmosphere. However, I am excited to go home and be reunited with my parents and pets. No matter how glad I will be to be home, I will never forget this experience, and I bid St. John a tearful goodbye.

MaxI find myself staring at the marine marvel that is the water of ST. John, standing in the surf, lost in thought. A week ago, I would have given anything to go home, but now I realize just how much I will miss the Beauties of the island. Everything about ST. John is great (except for the heat), even the rain because it is very refreshing. I  am sad to leave, but very eager to tell everyone about it.

AlfieIt’s finally come to an end. The crashing waves and the whistle of the bugs, were all sadly fading. Part of me wants to go home, but another part wants to stay and see the outstanding fish, coral, and sting rays. It will be hard not to see the donkey on the windy, roller coaster taxi bus. Seeing tropical trees, feeling really fresh mango juice filling my mouth, missing the shocking brown pelican, and wearing shorts will be some of the saddest things I will miss as I go back to cold Mass. Just one more amazing dinner to eat. I wish they had it in Mass. Well, goodbye St. John, it has been the best experience learning about slave history, hiking to the ruins, finding the best sugar cane history and windmill ruins at Annaberg, getting to try sugar cane, and having Miss Olivia giving us mango tea and just helping us. Well, it’s time to go. Farewell St. John, hope to come back with my family.

EziahAs we get ready to say goodbye to the warm and beautiful St. John and go back to the cold and brittle lands of Mass, I feel sad.  Saying goodbye to the jaw-dropping lands of St. John is not easy, but at least I get to see my family again.  I have made wonderful memories that I can cherish for all eternity and that I can share with my family.  Who knows, maybe my family and I will come back to the warm, amazing, and wonderful people and animals of St. John.  Goodbye, St. John. I will miss you.

Aiden – I am kind of sad to leave the beautiful St. John, but at least I am able to tell my stories to the TK-4s.  It was fun snorkeling and gliding across the sea animals.  It was enjoyable while it lasted and now my mom needs me and snorkeling is done.    



Discovering the Beauty of St. John: Day 5 Adventure to Amerika Hill, Cinnamon Bay Sugar Factory Ruins, and Cruz Bay Outdoor Market

Discovering the Beauty of St. John: Day 5 Adventure to Amerika Hill, Cinnamon Bay Sugar Factory Ruins, and Cruz Bay Outdoor Market

Alice, Arlo, Eziah, and Fiona start their day at the crack of dawn with an early morning snorkel with Mike and Kyle.

Cautiously, we journey into the brisk, early morning waters of Cinnamon Bay. Despite the groggy awakening, our minds are swimming with the fish that we are eagerly anticipating. Caffeinated by the shock of the frigid sea, we stumble upon a stingray early into our expedition. As we gingerly approach the jagged rocks of Cinnamon Cay, the vicious current violently drags us off course. Luckily we are still able to snorkel through schools of glistening bar jacks and sergeant majors. Diverse hidden fish emerge from crevices amongst the shallow reef, wondering what school of fish we are. After an hour of creature-filled snorkeling, we return with stories of astounding marine life and fascinating reef coral. by Alice, Arlo, Eziah, and Fiona.

The rest of us take advantage of another hour of sleep before heading to breakfast where we meet our intrepid snorkelers.

Today we hike the trail to the top of Amerika Hill where the ruins of the Great House overlooking the waters below remain. We imagine living in the cool breezes atop the sugar cane-covered mountain, watching over the sugar factory below, and keeping track of trading ships bringing goods to the island and transporting sugar, rum, and molasses to distant shores.

The climb to the Great House ruins is very difficult for us even with stairs at one point that slaves would not have had. To make it even worse, slaves would be carrying heavy loads, tons of sugar cane, and up to 35  tons of dirt and manure for the plantings each day after day. No trees would shelter them from the angry sun. Our journey is through the shade, but we still suffer from the heat. We imagine how a slave might feel trudging barefoot up the hill, then looking down from the Great House knowing the view is devastating instead of motivating.

Cinnamon Bay’s sugar factory and Bay Rum distillery were the most profitable on the island. We wander through the ruins that once made money for the owners, but now stand in silence a reminder of a distant time. We pause to record the ruins in watercolor in our journals. Maybe understanding and remembering history will help us live a kinder future.

One last snorkel and swim brings us to the close of our last day on St. John. Tomorrow we head home, happy to see our families and live with hot showers, but we take memories with us that will hopefully bring us back to St. John.  Kyle and Ella, who have helped us all week, tell us we will certainly return just as they have done since being a Phoenix traveler to St. John National Park when they were younger.

The Beauty of Francis Bay – Day 4 Friday, March 24

The Beauty of Francis Bay – Day 4 Friday, March 24

Welcome to Day 4 of our 2023 St. John, USVI Travel Study Trip. Today, we had the pleasure of experiencing the beauty of Francis Bay with a seashore walk and snorkel.

Despite the brisk breeze and swells, we made our way onto the limestone shelf rock where marine organisms shelter until they are big enough to live in deeper waters. Although the swells made it difficult to see into the water, we were lucky enough to spot brittle stars, which we all got to hold.

We then headed to the calmer waters of Maho Bay where we were able to see a variety of sea creatures, including blue tang, spiny-finned fish, sergeant majors, and parrot fish. Some of us were even able to spot sponges and brain coral. It was a truly magical experience, and we felt like a school of humans as we swam through a school of bar jacks.

As the sun set, a National Park Archaeologist shared the history of the early peoples of St. John. We learned about the spiritual significance of Cinnamon Bay for people traveling from South America and Puerto Rico, the colonial period when St. John was owned by several European countries, and the sugar plantations run by the Danes until slavery was abolished. We were fascinated by the artifacts from all periods, which helped tell her stories.

To end the day, we shared our favorite watercolor pages and gave each other compliments and suggestions. It was amazing to see the incredible artwork created by our Phoenix School’s EarlyAct Club. Our artists incorporated information about our experiences into their masterpieces like pros.

Join us for more adventures on our 2023 St. John, USVI Travel Study Trip!

Phoenix School’s EarlyAct Club is on the job today. Brown Bay Community Service Day 3: Thursday, March 23

Phoenix School’s EarlyAct Club is on the job today. Brown Bay Community Service Day 3: Thursday, March 23

Phoenix School’s EarlyAct Club is on the job today.  We join Taylor, a Friends of the Virgin Island volunteer, to give back to the National Park with a day of service.  We head out early for Brown Bay to help clean the environment there. After a mile hike up a rocky, “super steep incline” to the ridge and back down to the beach, we go to work.  At the beach, we sift through dirt and sand to find and separate trash; mostly plastic, rope, and bottle caps.  Liam finds a big bucket covered with a thousand ants. We leave the ants but remove the bucket.

Under a relentless, beating sun we work, thankful for our water bottles. Nearby we spy giant termite nests and wood with termite holes, but no visible termites. They are smart to hide away in their nests and tunnels from the intense sunlight. We spy thousands of wasps minding their own business, happy to be left alone. Everywhere there are flying bugs and more bugs trying to annoy us, but we try hard to ignore them. Taylor shows us false pineapple, starvation fruit, and other native plants. Hermit crabs and brown pelicans are treats for our eyes, but the highlight is spying a sting ray in the water close to shore.

We return to camp with a sense of accomplishment in helping our National Park community, ready to seek shade under our restaurant’s canopy.  It is a perfect time to relax and work on journal watercolor pages as we rehydrate and renew our strength for a late afternoon snorkel.

Cinnamon Bay waters welcome us back to its underwater world. As we swim, we encounter a range of marine life, from the stunning body of the Moon Jelly to the hard yellow shell of the Hawksbill turtle. We see the Sargent Major, the Conch sitting atop a coral throne, and the Trumpet fish with its shiny, grey skin and long snout.

Our day ends with the thundering surf beckoning us to bed after a day of sun, service, and swimming…in paradise! Stay tuned for more updates on our St. John, USVI Travel Study Trip with The Phoenix School.