The most COMMON question parents ask is…

The most COMMON question parents ask is…

How do you prepare them for High School, College, and Beyond?

Our answer is simple…kids leave Phoenix with an overflowing tool kit that contains their academic skills, executive functioning skills, social-emotional skills, and the MOST important part, knowing themselves as an independent learner.

Phoenix Graduates are prepared for High School, College, and beyond because our unique program focuses on providing students with the creative, technical, social, and critical knowledge necessary for success. Phoenix graduates are consistently accepted at top secondary schools and go on to prestigious colleges and universities.

Phoenix graduates are…

Creative contributors, comfortable, confident, and experienced in working collaboratively with others to solve “real world” problems in new and original ways. They are flexible thinkers, risk-takers, and life-long learners.

Critical thinkers, who take an active role in their learning. They are well-versed in analyzing and solving complicated problems, evaluating possibilities and making choices, applying information to new situations, and making connections.

Good with people, eloquent speakers, presenting their ideas with confidence. They are confident, constructive team players, ready to collaborate and problem-solve. They are empathetic people, capable of listening to different points of view, reaching consensus, and evaluating solutions.

People of character, who are always ready to lend a hand. They care about others and the world in which they live.

We are dedicated to shaping graduates who not only excel academically but also possess the resilience, creativity, and social awareness needed for the challenges of High School, College, and beyond. Our commitment to innovative and personalized education empowers students to become lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and compassionate contributors to their communities.

5 learning experiences that make Phoenix different from any other school on the North Shore.

5 learning experiences that make Phoenix different from any other school on the North Shore.

🌟 What sets Phoenix apart? We help students understand themselves and their role in local and global communities. Learning is a lifelong journey, and it happens everywhere they go! 


Here’s how we do it 👇🏽


🔥 Learning isn’t confined to textbooks and classrooms – it’s an education that spans doing, being, exploring, experimenting, questioning, researching, designing, engineering, leadership, community, and the list goes on!


🏰 At Phoenix, students don’t just learn – they think critically, explore deeply, collaborate, contribute globally, learn from failures, and celebrate success! Students are given the tools, ideas, and encounters needed to sculpt the best versions of themselves.


🤝 Students, parents, and teachers work together in the TK-8 journey. Students feel seen, heard, and understood because we prioritize process over product. Project-based learning is the heartbeat of our interactive and curiosity-inducing curriculum.


🎓 Our roots in education disruption go back over 40 years when we started trailblazing our innovative, experience-driven learning community on Winter Island. Since then, we have been in many locations around Salem, which is one of our core values.


🌐 We aren’t confined by walls – the world is our classroom! Learning happens everywhere – at school, connecting globally, and out in the vibrant community. We spark a love for learning by cultivating curiosity, fostering exploration, and intertwining learning with life experiences.


🔥 Rolling enrollment is underway and we have limited spots (you can’t do personalized education in a 500 student school!) 

Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: The Phoenix School Experience

Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: The Phoenix School Experience

Every student is a leader in themselves, and they learn this EARLY at The Phoenix School.


Confidence is at the core of this skill, and this is often the first thing stripped from kids when they go to school. Confidence is built when students are given choice, autonomy in their learning, challenged at their level, and a leader in their school community (regardless of their age or grade).


Social interactions are a crucial aspect of leadership development at The Phoenix School. Take Rowan, for example, who recently exhibited remarkable leadership qualities during a classroom interaction. He approached the teacher’s table to share concerns about another student, demonstrating a sense of responsibility and accountability. What sets The Phoenix School apart is the empowering environment that encourages students like Rowan to not just report an issue but actively participate in finding solutions.


In this particular instance, Rowan concluded that he was not only heard but also empowered to go back and help solve the problem at his table. This kind of dynamic engagement fosters a sense of ownership and teamwork among students. It goes beyond the traditional role of a student and establishes them as active contributors to the positive development of their learning environment.


At The Phoenix School, social interactions become learning opportunities, and every student is encouraged to be a proactive part of their community. This approach not only shapes confident individuals but also nurtures a culture of cooperation, empathy, and problem-solving — qualities that are essential for thriving in the real world.


The commitment to cultivating young leaders is evident in every facet of The Phoenix School’s approach to education. It’s not just about academic achievement; it’s about building well-rounded individuals who are prepared to take on leadership roles and make a positive impact in their communities. The journey towards leadership begins early at The Phoenix School, and the results are empowering students to become not just learners but leaders in their own right.


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Art Education: Illuminating Pathways to Creativity and Critical Thinking

Art Education: Illuminating Pathways to Creativity and Critical Thinking

In the realm of education, where every brushstroke counts, we firmly believe that art is more than just a subject—it’s a fundamental pillar of a child’s educational journey. At The Phoenix School, we embrace the idea that art is not confined to a canvas but rather, it permeates every aspect of our students’ learning experience.

From the strokes of traditional self-portraits to the intricate details of science drawings, and the marvel of 3D-engineered artwork for projects, art is interwoven into the very fabric of what we do. It serves as a dynamic force, nurturing creativity and empowering students to think beyond the ordinary, encouraging them to approach problems with innovative solutions.

Critical thinking, finds its roots in the decisions our students make while experimenting with various artistic techniques. Through meticulous analysis of their work, they are continuously improving, laying the groundwork for a future where adaptability and innovation are key.

Yet, the impact of art stretches far beyond the canvas. It is a conduit for teaching students to observe, interpret, and communicate complex ideas visually—a skillset of immeasurable value in an increasingly visual world.

Art, at its core, plays a transformative role in our students’ development. As they immerse themselves in the creative process, they evolve into individuals who can navigate the complexities of the world with a unique perspective. It’s not merely a subject; it’s a foundation for a brighter future.

Join us in celebrating the transformative power of art in education. Let’s champion creativity, critical thinking, and establish a foundation for lifelong learning. Together, let’s illuminate the pathways that lead our students to a future shaped by the beauty of artistic expression.

The Phoenix School is not just an educational institution; it’s a canvas where each stroke contributes to a masterpiece of lifelong learning and boundless creativity.

Multi-Aged Classroom Hub

Multi-Aged Classroom Hub

Working with students of different ages contributes significantly to a child’s social-emotional growth in various ways. We notice these benefits daily at our school:


  1. **Peer Relationships:** When students of different ages interact, kids develop relationships with peers who may have diverse perspectives, experiences, and interests. They learn to navigate various social dynamics and build a broader network of friends.


  1. **Empathy and Understanding:** A mixed-age environment promotes empathy as children learn to understand and appreciate the differences in age, abilities, and backgrounds. They develop a more nuanced understanding of others, fostering compassion and tolerance.


  1. **Mentorship and Role Modeling:** Older students serve as mentors and positive role models for younger ones. Younger children inadvertently teach patience, communication, and problem-solving skills to old students. We see a sense of responsibility and leadership in the older students as they model behavior, skills, and attitudes toward learning.


  1. **Social Skills Development:** Interacting with peers of various ages teaches them how to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and collaborate with individuals of different age groups, preparing them for a variety of social situations in the future.


  1. **Adaptability and Flexibility:** In a mixed-age setting, children encounter different communication styles, learning paces, and social expectations. This helps them become more adaptable and flexible, as they learn to navigate diverse social environments.


  1. **Increased Confidence:** Younger children feel a sense of accomplishment and confidence when they are able to engage with older peers successfully. Older children, in turn, gain confidence and self-esteem by taking on leadership roles and providing support to younger students.


  1. **Social Problem-Solving:** A classroom of mixed-aged students exposes kids to a range of social situations and conflicts. This allows them to develop problem-solving skills and learn to navigate social challenges independently or with minimal guidance from adults.


  1. **Community Building:** A mixed-age environment fosters a sense of community and belonging. Kids learn to appreciate the strengths and contributions of each member, creating a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.


We invite you to step through our doors and become immersed in an interactive and engaging large, open space filled with a rich array of opportunities for authentic learning for Kindergarten through 8th grade.