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Phoenix School Takes Global Approach to Education

By Nathaniel Snow/
Wicked Local Salem/ Salem Gazette

Salem, Mass. —

The staff at the Phoenix School in Salem work to create a relaxed, open classroom atmosphere — one that allows for a creative, personal educational experience.

The Phoenix’ teachers have taken this creative learning path to the next level, integrating a broader view of the world into their curriculum.

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OneWorld Classroom

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Siyum Sheshebai Kyzy, Grade 7, Kyrgyzstan
Recently the students at The Phoenix School received a package filled with amazing pieces of art created by kids our age from all around the world. The older kids were assigned to select a single piece of artwork from the bunch and without hesitation I chose a beautiful hand sewn pillow from Kyrgyzstan. This piece of art was so simple, and yet amazing I didn’t know any better way to describe it
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Elementary School Classrooms embrace ‘A Week in the Life….’

Press Release: December 12, 2010

Co-founders of the Flat Classroom™ Project, Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay are excited to announce the first ever Elementary School Flat Classroom Project. As a pilot project, eight schools and 9 classrooms from five countries have joined about 170 students together to develop an appropriate global collaborative experience within a curriculum framework for students in Grades 3-5 of ages 8-11.

“It is something we have been wanting to implement for a while as
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Phoenix Kids Invent Again

Allow us to show you a glimpse of a place where the mind roams free, bringing with it the joy and exhilaration of discovery. You shall see the process of the building of our Halloween games, from the humble beginnings of crazy, hilarious, or downright impossible ideas to the point of fruitition. First was rousting the impossible to create ideas, so that we found within ourselves an inkling of a plan, and to sketch it out for all to see. From those crude-looking outlines, we made a model of
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Top Students Recognized for Academic Excellence

100% of the 3rd through 6th grade students at The Phoenix School in Salem qualified to participate in the Center for Talented Youth Talent Search 2007, sponsored by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth :

• Jonah Levin
• Leo Santoro
• Zachary Barshevsky
• Matt and Daniel Tremblay
• Eric McCathern
• Olivia Hanna
• Andrew Fusco
• Jeffrey Childs
• Matt Wysocki
• Sam Carlberg

The purpose of the Talent Search is to identify, assess, and recognize the academic abilities of highly
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