🌟 What sets Phoenix apart? We help students understand themselves and their role in local and global communities. Learning is a lifelong journey, and it happens everywhere they go! 


Here’s how we do it πŸ‘‡πŸ½


πŸ”₯ Learning isn’t confined to textbooks and classrooms – it’s an education that spans doing, being, exploring, experimenting, questioning, researching, designing, engineering, leadership, community, and the list goes on!


🏰 At Phoenix, students don’t just learn – they think critically, explore deeply, collaborate, contribute globally, learn from failures, and celebrate success! Students are given the tools, ideas, and encounters needed to sculpt the best versions of themselves.


🀝 Students, parents, and teachers work together in the TK-8 journey. Students feel seen, heard, and understood because we prioritize process over product. Project-based learning is the heartbeat of our interactive and curiosity-inducing curriculum.


πŸŽ“ Our roots in education disruption go back over 40 years when we started trailblazing our innovative, experience-driven learning community on Winter Island. Since then, we have been in many locations around Salem, which is one of our core values.


🌐 We aren’t confined by walls – the world is our classroom! Learning happens everywhere – at school, connecting globally, and out in the vibrant community. We spark a love for learning by cultivating curiosity, fostering exploration, and intertwining learning with life experiences.


πŸ”₯ Rolling enrollment is underway and we have limited spots (you can’t do personalized education in a 500 student school!)Β