We participated in the CoolScience and their 10th Annual Art Competition on Extreme Weather.
Please join us in congratulating Fiona, 4th grade, is a Cool Science Merrimack Valley Runner-Up. Congratulations Fiona!

Fiona’s Artist Statement: “There’s a build up of emotions within me while talking about this subject, sitting with me all day pouring into my hands and flooding onto the long strip of paper. Showing how I felt by doing something I’m passionate about was relieving, but knowing that my artwork could be exposed on a popular transportation made me push myself to do my best. I care about climate change and against it; so, if this gets put up on a bus it would attract people, making them feel how I feel. I need people who care about this issue, and know how it’s hurting animals and people, while feeling bad about it. My eyebrows still point down towards my nose illustrating the story behind why I’m mad. My eyes start brewing tears while seeing people hurt our own planet like this, and not doing anything about it. Empathetic people are the key to this problem. Empathetic people like me would understand what’s going on and how to spread awareness. My piece of art is showing two eyes, in the reflection there’s a green happy city with flowers, trees and windmills. In the reflection on the other side are factories, forest fires and trash, all representing climate change. If you look closely there is a tear and the eyebrow is curving up, showing that the person is worried, anxious, sad, or any other gloomy feelings, like how I feel. I made the eyes be my eyes, and I tried to show how I feel about the artwork, which is ‘unique’ and has more meaning behind it than the others.”

You can learn more about the competition and CoolScience here: