🍎✨ Welcome back to school! It’s 2024, and we’re in our intensive reading block. 📚

Students, already committed readers both in and out of school, have just started the annual six-week Readathon! 🚀 Pages are devoured, sponsor letters are written, beautiful notecards are drawn and students diligently log and make predictions on the number of pages they will read. 

Our main goal is to amplify each student’s reading fluency. To us, fluency means reading with speed, precision, and an understanding of proper expression. This boosts comprehension and enriches their overall reading experience, be it aloud or silently.

Like every subject we tackle, our curriculum embraces an interdisciplinary approach. Beyond fostering literacy skills, it’s a gateway into computational math. Students excitedly tally up their pages, calculate class and school-wide totals using place value, explore averages, and dive into measures of central tendency—tailoring their learning to their individual capacities.

By blending knowledge from multiple disciplines, we equip our students with versatile skills applicable to real-life scenarios, fostering a comprehensive learning experience. Students write exciting and engaging sponsorship letters to family and friends. They send them inside a card decorated with colorful artwork.

The Readathon is not just about cultivating a love for reading; students are raising money for meaningful school excursions and projects and our EarlyAct Club (sponsoring local and global charities) all of which the students have some say within.

Last January we read 82,137 pages…can we beat that?

Stay tuned on our social media platforms (Facebook & Instagram) for updates on the number of pages we are collectively reading each week! 🌟📖