The Phoenix School is creating an interactive, outdoor learning space where students will establish a pollinator garden populated with native plants! In addition, our garden will include a butterfly habitat, seed bank, and guided audio tour developed by the students and available to anyone who visits the garden. 

We (parents and students) have been working hard because establishing this garden is a multiphase project. The site approval and basic landscaping have already begun with the students meeting with ….. From city Planning back in September. Since then they have been calculating the area of the plot and the garden beds, making sure the city mowers still fit between them and identifying the trees that are already there. 

With active involvement from our students, their families, and surrounding community members we have created a series of hugel cultures and have begun growing many of the native plants from collected seeds. 

As we come out of the winter months we are excited to see the progress we have made, with beginning buds popping through the topsoil of our hugel. As the ground warms up will start designing and planting our pollinator habitats, creating butterfly and insect homes. 

Our students have been researching the plant species, of the pollinators, and attempting to create a gorgeous walk-thru and educational garden. Our Kindergarten through 8th-grade students work together to make this garden experience come to life.

This garden will be a continual site of natural science learning, hands-on education for the students as well as an open resource for the wider North Shore community. Feel free to stop by and watch the changes take place over the next few months.