Imagine walking through the front door and landing yourself right in a classroom where students are dispersed across an open space, independently working with supplies spread across their table. 

When you walk through the front door and right into the classroom you immediately get a sense that real learning is happening at Phoenix. Students are immersed in their work, teachers are engaged and actively working with individual kids and the older partners are chatting with their younger partners making sure they are on track with their work.

It’s a collaborative community and you get the feeling everyone is welcomed, celebrated, and known. The teachers are guides and know each student’s personalized learning style, making it easy for them to challenge each kid to their own potential.

Students are not educated for testing, but rather for jobs that don’t yet exist in our future. 

Our kids are challenged daily to become the best versions of themselves, embrace their passions, and own their weaknesses. They are learning the skills to become our future leaders. Those who will help re-shape our world.

When visitors come to Phoenix, they leave saying things like these…

  • I am so glad that Phoenix exists! It is such a hopeful sign for the world that any institution is doing this kind of work with children!
  • I love the project/theme-based, child-led (to some degree) pedagogy. 
  • I love that it is a mixed-age learning environment (the pairing/buddy system). 
  • I love the “the world is our classroom” approach and its close connectivity to the local community, and the experiential, hands-on, and real-world approach to teaching and learning. 
  • I love the one-room schoolhouse and the incredible amount of stimulation available to the children. 
  • The flexibility allowed for individual learning needs gives children the opportunity to be challenged in so many different ways! 
  • I highly value the teacher-to-student ratio at Phoenix. 
  • Lastly, and super important, is the demographic diversity of the classroom! This is HUGE for me. And rare for the North Shore.
  • I love the school dogs
  • I felt a values-based and philosophical alignment with the Phoenix approach. 

At The Phoenix School, we set the foundation for educational success, a safe place for students to express their individuality, and developing skills that will serve them for the rest of their life.

The only way to really experience the HOW of what we offer is to come and see it for yourself. Schedule a visit today!