Math is everywhere, and it is an essential skill for our everyday lives. From counting money to measuring ingredients, math is involved in just about anything we do. That’s why it’s crucial to teach our children to embrace math and make it a part of their everyday lives.

Recently, at our K-5 school, we decided to challenge our students to design their math problems based on a book we read, “Counting on Fred.” At first, many of our students were overwhelmed and confused by the task, but with a little inspiration and guidance, they began to realize the endless possibilities.

One of our educators, Mike Smith, motivated the students with a simple statement, “Math is wonder, math is creativity, math is everywhere we look, now go and find it!” This encouraged the students to explore their surroundings and think creatively about how they could incorporate math into their everyday lives.

The students started to examine their classrooms for supplies and ideas to create their math problems. They came up with various wonder questions around math, such as how many different ways pegs could fit into the pegboard, how many 2 x 4 lego blocks fit on the tabletop, and how many planks it would take to make a ramp to climb onto the roof.

These wonder questions allowed our students to think outside the box and gain confidence in their math skills. As teachers, we understand that some students love math, while others dread it. However, the “AH HA” moment we witnessed from many of our students today made it all worthwhile.

Incorporating math into our everyday lives can be challenging, but it is essential for our children’s development. We can teach our children to embrace math by encouraging them to explore their surroundings, ask questions, and think creatively. By doing so, we can help our children gain confidence in their math skills and succeed in their future endeavors.

In conclusion, math is not just a subject we learn in school. It is an essential skill that we use in our everyday lives. By encouraging our children to embrace math and think creatively, we can help them develop the skills they need to succeed in their future endeavors.