Not at The Phoenix School.

Recess is a way to burn off energy, but it is also a time to build relationships.

Students play, engage, interact and work together. Friendships are forged and there is time to just have fun and not worry about academics. Proving a social-emotional curriculum embedded into the school day is key to developing life-long skills students will use in their everyday life.

Recess ends after elementary school for many schools. In the era of assessment and accountability, schools look for ways to increase instructional time.

Art, music, gym, and other “non-core” classes become expendable. Because these subjects are not typically under the microscope of state testing, they may be on the chopping block.

So where does that leave recess? No one would argue the value of young children being able to run and play, but if we value movement and exercise in elementary school, why do we feel it’s no longer necessary in middle school?

Recess is an important part of our daily curriculum. We incorporate leadership, teamwork, and collaboration. When the expectation is let go and play, in a safe, structured, and closely supervised environment, kids can take time to just be themselves and let their minds rest while gaining fresh air and exercise.

At The Phoenix School, we set the foundation for educational success, a safe place for students to express their individuality, and developing skills that will serve them for the rest of their life.