It’s official Phoenix Kids are going to (drum emojis) >>> The Everglades!

This is our annual study travel trip, which takes us all over the United States, from Catalina Island in California to the Caribbean, to The Caves in Indiana. Each year has a new destination so that no student ever visits the same place twice. 

We missed the last two years of traveling and are super excited for this crew of 4-8th graders to head into the wilderness of the Everglades. 

This trip is kept a secret from the students…until the big REVEAL. 

In order to find out where they are going, they have to decipher a number of clues, that eventually disclose the longitude and latitude of their travel destination. 

This year they had to decode 15 clues and work as a team to figure it out. The team had to collaborate, read and find each clue together or they were at risk of losing one of their cards.

After some dancing, building, solving puzzles, critical thinking, and some serious teamwork a set of coordinates were revealed and off to Google Earth to figure out their destination.

The energy in the room was electric! 

Have you been to the Florida Everglades before?