Tired of seeing your child come home with worksheets?

What would it look like if your child experienced a Purpose-Driven Curriculum that presented real-world problems for kids to solve?

Kids embrace curiosity and love for learning when they can make connections between what they are learning in school and how they can apply that to their everyday life. 

We create a Purpose-Driven Curriculum, where the core of our academics remains the same, but the overarching theme changes yearly. This gives us the gift of an evolving curriculum, covering current technology, global partnerships, and expert guest speakers. 

Students here are engaged learners because our educators think outside the box and create a challenging, hands-on & minds-on curriculum that has students solving real-world problems, daily. 

If your student has lost their SPARK for learning, it’s never too late to get it back! 

The Phoenix School provides an immersive educational experience that will give them the gift of becoming lifelong learners because they are always challenged at their own personal level.

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