We could talk about it all day, but we thought it would be fun to hear it from the kids!

Here are just some of the things our students say! I love that…

➡️  we go on learning trips PEM (Tristan – TK)

➡️ I always have the ability to check in with a teacher at any time and I feel like I never have to wait to get feedback on my work (8th grade)

➡️ once I got into 6th grade we went on amazing and different travel study programs each year until 8th grade. I visited St John, The Everglades, Catalina Island, and The Caves in Indiana. (Ella – Alumni)

➡️ the friendships that you build here because you are in such a close environment and you learn so much about each individual person. We value each other’s strengths and weaknesses. (Alice – 7th grade)

➡️ it brings a variety of learning opportunities and also you can learn in creative ways that might not be considered normal (Leo – 2nd grade)

➡️ choosing what I do for extended learning (aka homework) (Max – 5th grade)

➡️ the freedom I get in choosing my work and the standard I am held to and the opportunities we get to go on (like PEM), and the expert speakers we have come in or zoom in (Fiona – 4th grade)

➡️ we are able to learn outside. It gives me more opportunities for learning different topics and exploring them deeper (Arlo – 6th grade)

➡️ drawing notecards and practicing art (Tara – TK)

➡️ we collaborate with other schools and enjoy making those connections (Karina D – 5th grade)

At The Phoenix School, we set the foundation for educational success, a safe place for students to express their individuality, and developing skills that will serve them for the rest of their life.

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